Penta Policy Insiders

We evaluate the effectiveness of policy conversations and provide data-driven insights from senior policymakers to those who work closely with the government to improve engagement and provide constructive resources.

What’s A Policy Insider?

Policy Insiders are policymakers, senior policy staff, and senior officials who work across all levels of government, both domestically and globally, and are able to speak to the dynamics of the political landscape.

Penta Policy Insiders

About Our Work

Our team goes directly to the source to find out what advocates can do to build more effective relationships in government. Through our research, policymakers can better inform, direct, and correct advocates’ investment and effort.

We survey and interview thousands of staff across all levels of government each year in DC, Brussels, U.S. state capitals, and internationally. We then use this feedback to provide advocates with a comprehensive understanding of how policymakers define productive and mutually beneficial advocacy.

At the end of each research study, we provide a summary of our findings back to the Policy Insiders who participated in our research. We also share key findings with our clients (companies and associations), who use our research to inform, validate, and improve their engagement with public sector officials.

Why Participate?

Policy Insiders participate in our research to help inform, direct, and correct the engagement they receive from advocates. Participants also gain insight into the perspectives held by their peers, helping them to foster and deepen relationships with other decision-makers. Our platform allows us to deliver cutting-edge research and content tailored to the pressing issues that policymakers continue to face.

Our Promise

We value the privacy of Policy Insiders. Participation in our research is completely confidential and findings are shared on a not-for-attribution basis. In our quantitative (survey) research, we only share aggregate findings without individual identifying information. In our qualitative (interview) research, we only share anonymized verbatims.

Exclusive Events

Through our platform, we offer exclusive events that will help government staff to foster and deepen relationships with other policymakers domestically and globally.

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Whether you are a policymaker or a private sector advocate, let's chat about how we can help make your policy conversations more productive and how we can help you engage more meaningfully with your peers.

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