Washington Insights Review: The Tech Takeover

Washington Insights Review: The Tech Takeover

The digital landscape has never been as complex as it is now. Technological advancements around artificial intelligence (AI), communications, financial security, interconnectedness of markets and supply chains, and access to information have cemented digital security and reliability as essential pillars of modern life. 

This holds particularly true for policymakers in the United States who are working to advance national interests and foster international cooperation in an increasingly digital world. Technology is top of mind for policy leaders, and our annual Washington Insights Review centers on the impact of the digital domain on both policy priorities and effective advocacy.

Policymakers on both sides of the aisle highlight the current and future development of artificial intelligence – which saw an increase in visibility, capability, and adoption in 2023 – as a particular point of focus. Of the many emerging technologies making headlines recently, none have sparked discussion for policymakers – or the public – the way AI has.

And while these developments have been met with intrigue, if not excitement, by some, the ever-changing AI landscape has resulted in questions around national security, safety, and privacy. Moreover, for policymakers, the progression and impact of the technology has spurred one conversation above all: “What is it?”

This lack of familiarity with the foundational elements and reliability of these technological advancements means that policy leaders are looking to industry experts for clarity. Policymakers also acknowledge that the rapid evolution in the tech space is unlikely to slow down anytime soon. They, much like the rest of us, are aware of the impact AI and such technologies have on daily life and policy decisions, and are interested in how to best navigate their use, influence, and regulation.

Based on hundreds of conversations with D.C. policymakers, this year’s Washington Insights Review research identifies and tracks tech policy’s shifting prioritization and highlights best practices for improving advocacy directed towards policymakers and staff – who are increasingly reliant on and adept with technology in their personal and professional lives. Find the full report here or click below!


* Visibility is a metric combining total volume, influence, prominence, and reach of mentions of each topic/category by day.

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