In the Time of Tech (The Washington Insights Review)

In the Time of Tech (The Washington Insights Review)

In a year that saw rapid technological advancements all across the digital domain, nothing has sparked discussion for policymakers – or the public – the way Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Cybersecurity have. The current and future capabilities of artificial intelligence, and the implications of an increasingly interconnected cyberworld, are at the forefront of discussions for both the general public and policy leaders – who both recognize their potential and express trepidation about the pace of their evolution.

With the dominant conversation around AI remaining “What is it?,” there is widespread consensus across both parties about the need and desire to have more consistent and reliable information on AI. And U.S. policy staff aren’t the only ones who want to be more informed on the rapidly changing landscape. Political leaders, scientists, tech experts, and policymakers around the world are all taking part in conversations about the use, influence, and regulation of AI. 

The focus on global implications extends to U.S. policymakers’ concerns about potential negative repercussions of new technologies. Two-thirds of policymakers name cybersecurity issues as “extremely important,” noting concerns about bad actors, both foreign and domestic, who may use new developments to attack civilian and institutional infrastructure.

In the first section of our annual Washington Insights Review, we take a look at how policymakers are talking about technology when it comes to their professional priorities and policy goals. Read the report to find out more!

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