How prominent are the top presidential contenders?

How prominent are the top presidential contenders?

Penta’s very own media analytics team conducted an analysis of the top presidential GOP candidates compared to President Joe Biden’s prominence in the news and social media surrounding the first and second presidential debates. Our media analytics team focused on the metric of visibility, which measures how visible a person is in the overall news environment by assessing the total volume, influence, prominence, and reach of mentions. 

Our data reveals that while President Joe Biden’s visibility continues to grow, and even saw a spike to an audience of approx 450 million individuals at the start of October, the first GOP presidential debate gave former President Donald Trump a boost that reached almost 400 million people. Interestingly, the former president was not even present at this debate. However, the second GOP event, which took place on September 27, did not offer as much of a boost for the top Republican candidate. Notably, the current president also saw a dip in visibility that week. 

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