2023 European Union Insights Review

2023 European Union Insights Review

With European elections scheduled to take place in 2024, the current Commission has been focused on wrapping up its 2019-2024 agenda and addressing such priorities as the environment, the economy, and the EU’s place in the international community. These issues are also reflected within the opinions and prime concerns of individual policymakers.

However, the policy priorities of the EU are multifaceted. There are differences between the perspectives of policymakers within Brussels – a center of political discource in the region – and the wider media coverage throughout the EU. Policy leaders and the media report different views and prioritisations of issues, including perspectives on China and the ongoing conflict in Ukraine. 

Given the dynamic policymaking environment within Brussels, Penta wanted to understand the thoughts and opinions of stakeholders in order to help improve the advocacy process between the private and public sectors. Drawing on surveys, interviews, and unique data from our one-of-a-kind Penta Platform, the 2023 EU Insights Review covers a range of policy issues within the EU and best practices for private sector stakeholders to effectively engage with policymakers. Download the full report below by joining Penta Policy Insiders!

Note: Our research was conducted between April and August 2023, and therefore concluded before the current events in the Middle East unfolded. For this reason, the conflict is not directly investigated in the 2023 EUIR, but will be included in future phases of research.

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