Policy Perspectives: Policymaker and Public Priorities

Policy Perspectives: Policymaker and Public Priorities

As part of our annual flagship study on advocacy in D.C., conducted between February and May 2023, we asked federal policymakers – including staff from the Legislative and Executive branches – about the policy issues they are prioritizing. 

Our research finds that economic issues continue to be the leading priority for policymakers both in Congress and Executive Agencies. Lingering concerns about a potential recession, interest rate hikes, and inflation at a nearly-40-year high are all contributing to policymakers’ focus on economy-related issues in 2023. 

This year, we also took a look at national priorities for the American public, and found that policymakers are not the only ones concerned about the economy – and inflation in particular. A June 2023 study by Pew Research Center has found that 65 percent of Americans believe that inflation is currently a “very big problem” in the country. Right on the tail of this concern, however, are the doubts about how effectively Democrats and Republicans can work together to find and implement economic solutions. According to the same study, 62 percent of the populace believe that the ability of Democrats and Republicans to work together is a “very big problem” facing the country. 

While policy leaders work to address the top concern of the American people – the economy – they should also keep in mind that their constituents want Congress to function in a bipartisan manner. Working towards bipartisan solutions to the current economic challenges in the U.S. could be the first step in alleviating the perception that Democrats and Republicans can’t effectively work together to solve the issues impacting their districts.

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